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Merzdorfer Str. 21-25
01591 Riesa
International Sales  






The unique fairy tale of the
great noodle giant begins here.

We are located in the eastern part
of Germany, near the cities of
Dresden and Leipzig.

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Riesa Pasta gives you extra!
We use only the very best raw
ingredients! These are carefully processed and made into finest
premium pasta.
We are totally committed to our
customers enjoying healthy food.

Kids Pasta
! Even for kids who love their mac ! Deciding what to make your kids for dinner - you come across obstacles like: • Is it fast? • Is it healthy? • Will the kids eat it? Pasta is a good pick as it's complex carbs provide steady energy and the kids just love the taste of it.
There are more than 600 pasta shapes produced worldwide.
The most popular pasta shapes in the U.S. are: Spaghetti, Thin Spaghetti, Elbows, Rotelle, Penne, and Lasagna.
Tuck in and smile your way into a vibrant and energetic lifestyle.

E n J O Y
In search for fabulous food.
PASTA — popular in Europe and
the world for its nutrients, quality and its versatility can be presented
in a thousand ways.

An infinite exciting gourmet story.


What is organic food:
How can it benefit me?
• Better taste
• Environmentally friendly
• Better health
• Animal welfare
A sustainable concept for our
next generation – our children!
There's always something up!
Teigwaren Riesa holds many events throughout the year.
Be entertained by a guided tour through our pasta museum, treat yourself to a delicious pasta dish
or you can just revel in the huge pasta assortment on display.